Madcar: 2 – 4 players (Android)

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I created this game more than one year ago so I don’t remember exactly of cool details to tell you. The only thing I remember is that it was again a draft for training. Wait, I’m remembering more and more things as I’m writting.

At first this game was supposed to be called Carate. It was the fruit of my imagination during Continue reading “Madcar: 2 – 4 players (Android)”

Soccar: 2 – 4 players (Android / iOS)



Soccar: 2 – 4 players is the first game I made. I started this project without any knowledge in programation. I started the 27th february 2016 and I finally published it the 20th april 2016, while I was studying at school. This is the result of a real perseverance.

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