An update for madcar is coming…

The major feature of this update will be the launch of the game on iOS. Android and iOS owners will be able to play together. Everything will be redesigned to support this cross-platform concept. Another new thing will be the possibility to connect to the game with Google. I also added an automatical rewarding system for the “Best daily players” leaderboard. Before, I was forced to reward manually. That was long and I often forgot to reward the players. Now everything is automated. I’ll add prizes for all of the 10 best players. The shop will be available. I’ll maybe add one or two cars. Another mode will be available in the following update.

A war of crazy little guys

Hi everyone!

I started the new multiplayer project. I’ll spend a lot of time on it, surely several months. I’ll keep madcar in my todo list but as you can think, it’ll be less active than before. This game is one of the two games in which I trust the most. I’ll try to keep you informed as often as I can. A beta version will be available if everything went well. I hope you’ll still be there!

Madcar v1.02 has been released

This update brings a new gaming mode and 3 new cars! I really reached limits. There were problems everywhere which were particulary hard to solve. More than being really hard to solve, one of the biggest barrier was the time. The more I advance in my studies, the less I have free time. Anyways, I’ll continue this awesome story but it’ll be slower!