No-light/transparent screen prototype


Edit 24-11-21:


If you have vision problems after looking at a computer screen for a long time, this article might interest you.

During the last four years I had serious vision problems related to artificial light emission. It progressively gone worse until I was no more able to stare at a computer screen even for a few minutes.

To solve this situation, I created at the beginning of this year a screen that doesn’t emit artificial light. Instead, it filters the ambiant light coming from the front.

The screen has similar performance to a normal computer screen however it needs to be positioned in a well enlightned room. You simply have to plug the screen to an HDMI cable like an external monitor.

To propose a solution to people encountering the same issue I am now building new screens in order to sell them. I plan to first sell the screens as prototypes on eBay at a price of 200-300$ for the cheapest one (17.3′ size).

You can subscribe bellow to be warned by email when the product will be available for purchase (only for this).

A new Madtoys is available as Beta

Hi everyone,

After 2 years of continuous development without releasing any project, a new game is finally here.

During these 2 years I mostly worked on internal features which permit me to build games faster. As of now, the more I build games, the more I will be able to build the next ones faster. 2021 will certainly be a very fruitful a year.

The game currently released does not have a lot of content but I will add more of it progessively. It is a sort of prologue to the Madtoys Red West series, it’s called Madtoys Red West Revolver.

Link to beta:

The old Madcar: Multiplayer page is back!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to inform you that the good old page with the original package name com.alexandresalou.madcarmultiplayer is back!

Therefore, I recommand you to re-install the app from this page: since the “republished” version won’t be updated anymore.

The future of Madcar: Multiplayer

Hello again!

If you read my previous post, I was talking about the possibility of publishing Madcar on PS4 and XboxOne.

Yesterday I wanted to have an overview of what it could give, so I tested Madcar on my TV from my computer. The results are less good than what I expected. Everything is too big and not detailed enough. I thought this would only be the case for the menu but the maps are also concerned. The graphical improvments I was talking about were only post-processing effects.

Bringing a Macar: Multiplayer-like game to consoles is a very good thing but I’ll have to create super great graphics, just like

So I think I abort this possibility.

Instead I just realized I could create “Madcar 2: Multiplayer” or “Madcar: Multiplayer 2” on mobile again. With a new menu, teams, more content, … This time I’ll release it on iOS for sure (I tried 2 times but always failed (never my fault, just no-luck problems)) because I pay 90$ every year for nothing lol.

Madcar has been definitively removed from Google Play

Hello everyone,

I just received an email from Google indicating that Madcar: Multiplayer has been suspended due to a policy violation. This policy violation is the fact that we are granted 5 golds if we rate the game.

If I want to see Madcar Multiplayer on the Play Store again, I’ll have to create a new game with a new app name and a new package name, I think I won’t do it.

Since I have now enough “knowledge”, I am thinking on publishing the game on PS4 and Xbox for free with improved graphics, more content and adding more funny interactions between players.

What do you think?

Madcar multiplayer updates

Hi all,
I really hesitated a lot to update Madcar multiplayer. I started creating a big update but I stopped because I realized that it was too much work for small results. This game was created in such a way that modify it needs to recreate everything. Another problem is that I use a networking system that is very limited and not performant, which totaly curbs me to make of madcar what it should be. I think that create a new game, without restrictions and created in a way I can easily add content is the best solution.

Introducing the Community

Hi everyone,

I recently created a forum in order to improve the player/developer relationship. This website wasn’t really adapted for a massive communication (e.g. bugs reports, beta testing feedbacks, etc.).

Inside this forum, we’ll be able to participate to beta testing programs, submit ideas, report bugs and, in the future, participate directly in the game development.

Here is the link: