No-light/transparent screen prototype


Edit 24-11-21:


If you have vision problems after looking at a computer screen for a long time, this article might interest you.

During the last four years I had serious vision problems related to artificial light emission. It progressively gone worse until I was no more able to stare at a computer screen even for a few minutes.

To solve this situation, I created at the beginning of this year a screen that doesn’t emit artificial light. Instead, it filters the ambiant light coming from the front.

The screen has similar performance to a normal computer screen however it needs to be positioned in a well enlightned room. You simply have to plug the screen to an HDMI cable like an external monitor.

To propose a solution to people encountering the same issue I am now building new screens in order to sell them. I plan to first sell the screens as prototypes on eBay at a price of 200-300$ for the cheapest one (17.3′ size).

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