Madcar Multiplayer 2.4 is now available

Important informations:

  • Exclusion of Android 4.4 to 5.0 inadvertently done. Android 4.4 to 5.0 are now no more compatible (not reversable, except if there are multiple requests)
  • Madcar Multiplayer has been submitted to Samsung Galaxy Store, the application is currently being reviewed


  • Local teams available for all modes
  • Menu/UI more straight-forward
  • Physics improvement (subject to change without any update, a message will be displayed after each changement)
  • Bugs fixes
  • Other gameplay changes: Twitch week-end cup preparation, voting choices at the end of a party, …



No-light/transparent screen prototype


Transparent LCD


E-ink screen (~15 fps):

RLCD : TCL NxtPaper S8 (s8 only)

During the last four years I had eye problems related to artificial light emission.

To solve this situation, I built a screen that doesn’t emit artificial light. Instead, it filters the ambiant light coming from the front.

The screen has similar performance to a normal computer screen however it needs to be positioned in a well enlightned room. You simply have to plug the screen to an HDMI cable like an external monitor.

You can contact me if you are interested into buying one

A new Madtoys is available as Beta

Hi everyone,

After 2 years of continuous development without releasing any project, a new game is finally here.

During these 2 years I mostly worked on internal features which permit me to build games faster. As of now, the more I build games, the more I will be able to build the next ones faster. 2021 will certainly be a very fruitful a year.

The game currently released does not have a lot of content but I will add more of it progessively. It is a sort of prologue to the Madtoys Red West series, it’s called Madtoys Red West Revolver.

Link to beta:

The old Madcar: Multiplayer page is back!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to inform you that the good old page with the original package name com.alexandresalou.madcarmultiplayer is back!

Therefore, I recommand you to re-install the app from this page: since the “republished” version won’t be updated anymore.

The future of Madcar: Multiplayer

Hello again!

If you read my previous post, I was talking about the possibility of publishing Madcar on PS4 and XboxOne.

Yesterday I wanted to have an overview of what it could give, so I tested Madcar on my TV from my computer. The results are less good than what I expected. Everything is too big and not detailed enough. I thought this would only be the case for the menu but the maps are also concerned. The graphical improvments I was talking about were only post-processing effects.

Bringing a Macar: Multiplayer-like game to consoles is a very good thing but I’ll have to create super great graphics, just like

So I think I abort this possibility.

Instead I just realized I could create “Madcar 2: Multiplayer” or “Madcar: Multiplayer 2” on mobile again. With a new menu, teams, more content, … This time I’ll release it on iOS for sure (I tried 2 times but always failed (never my fault, just no-luck problems)) because I pay 90$ every year for nothing lol.

Madcar has been definitively removed from Google Play

Hello everyone,

I just received an email from Google indicating that Madcar: Multiplayer has been suspended due to a policy violation. This policy violation is the fact that we are granted 5 golds if we rate the game.

If I want to see Madcar Multiplayer on the Play Store again, I’ll have to create a new game with a new app name and a new package name, I think I won’t do it.

Since I have now enough “knowledge”, I am thinking on publishing the game on PS4 and Xbox for free with improved graphics, more content and adding more funny interactions between players.

What do you think?