Hello! I’m Alexandre, I am 23 and live in France. I develop video games alone in my free time.

I started creating video games a long time ago, much before the release of soccar, but I stopped because it was too difficult. I started working in this field to create games I always wanted to play to.

I have dozens of planned or unfinished projects in my hands and I hope I’ll release these games as soon as possible.

[Last edit: 04/09/ 2021]

36 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alexandre

    I really enjoyed your game, mad car 2-4 players. Playing a lot with my colleagues wanted me to take other levels and cars, because I, my school friends, played and laughed, thanks for making us laugh and have fun.
    If you want to send me an early access to the new update I would be grateful, because your game is excellent.
    From Your Fan Javan From Brazil


      1. Me gusta mucho su juego yo tengo 9 años me gusta la desarrollacion del juego quisiera q lo actualices como no se hacer cosas en equipos y eso no se tambien quisiera q ayan mas autos y la tienda tambien hacer carreras saludos espero q tomes algunas de mis ideas


      2. Hi Angus!
        I also really want to create team modes and I’ll add them in the future. I’ll also maybe add a “crew” feature where you can invite your friend or other players


      3. Si estaria bien gracias por tomar mis opiniones y tambien me gustaria que pongas mas personajes y mas colores como rayas de colores y eso bueno y tambien colores para los autos bueno chau xD


      4. Hola no se si te acuerdes de mi pero soy angus y tengo 11 años xD bueno tenia una idea y la de que pudieras poner un modo de un jugador osea jugar contra maquinas eso me gustaria espero que tomes esta opinion yo creo que es una buena idea para el desarrollo del juego yo creo que este es un gran juego bueno saludos desde argentina😊


  2. I love you game alexandre i cant even come off it every day i play i just love your game . Hey when are you going to do soccer because i really want to see what it is. I hope i will talk to you again but i have to go so bye
    By Matteo


  3. Hey man! Just wanna say great job with MadCar Multiplayer! However, just curious, is there a problem with changing the little mans clothes colors? I cant seem to get them. Maybe Im not doing something right? Anyway, i know its a newer game, but even with what little there is now its amazing! Cant wait to see whats in store later on!


  4. Thanks! No rush just promise us to keep the game going great! PS i take an engineering class at a technical school in the US. If you ever need help or ideas, im sure either i or my friends in Networking and Computer Programming can think up of a few things!


    1. I have less and less free time to dedicate to madcar and the others. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to continue all of that. I say this reluctantly but don’t expect a lot of changement on madcar in the future. It’s really not a lack of ideas, it’s just that I have no more free time.
      I really appreciated your proposal. I would appreciate if you were sending me a way to contact you if I was needing help. You can contact me more direcly via forplayers.studio@gmail.com.
      Thank you


  5. Excuse me… I’m Lost one party, i’m finality the race 9 times… And the other team won… My cuestion Is… Is one bug?… I don’t speak English very Good.


  6. Love the arena gametype and I am looking forward to future updates. I noticed I was #1 on the daily leaderboards but did not recieve a gem. Username is kiel496.

    Best regards


    1. Sorry for the very late answer. Before I was forced to reward the players manually. Yesterday I created a system that rewards automatically the players. I’ll look after the players that I forgot to reward soon. Gems are not useful in this version so you didn’t lose a lot. They will be in the future.


  7. Hey Alexandre….my friends and I still love your game…but where is everyone? It takes a long time to get 6 players to play arena or sometimes we never get 6. Players leave the game. When is the next update? Updates are awesome and get everyone interested in the game again. I play the game every day. Your game has a lot of fans. Please keep the updates coming. Save madcar!


    1. Hello,
      The feature isn’t available for everyone. I was supposed to create the teams update months ago but I still don’t started. I think there will be again other updates before the teams update.


  8. Heyy Alexander! My name is Eve Shi, I am working for Yodo1 Games in China(we have games such as Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road!) I really like your game, my friends and I enjoy it a lot. I actually wonder if we can have a talk and we want to know more about your games! Eve


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