Madcar Multiplayer 2.4 is now available

Important informations:

  • Exclusion of Android 4.4 to 5.0 inadvertently done. Android 4.4 to 5.0 are now no more compatible (not reversable, except if there are multiple requests)
  • Madcar Multiplayer has been submitted to Samsung Galaxy Store, the application is currently being reviewed


  • Local teams available for all modes
  • Menu/UI more straight-forward
  • Physics improvement (subject to change without any update, a message will be displayed after each changement)
  • Bugs fixes
  • Other gameplay changes: Twitch week-end cup preparation, voting choices at the end of a party, …



2 thoughts on “Madcar Multiplayer 2.4 is now available”

  1. I have downloaded this game for a few months and it is the best car game on the play store.
    I also bought the Early Access package because I really believe in this project.
    However, I would like to suggest some features to integrate into the game to make it even better and more fun.
    1) A first feature which in my opinion needs to be implemented is that of adding the possibility of modifying the sensitivity of the driving steering. This is because when using the tilt control the steering is often too sensitive and therefore it is impossible to play with a gaming wheel.
    2) Another addition in my opinion very important to do is to add the current speed of the car somewhere.
    3) The physics of the game is almost perfect even if there are a couple of things that I would slightly modify, For example I would remove the possibility of walking on walls, I would increase the weight of the car on a physics level so as to avoid jumps which are really impossible, Even if the possibility of getting off the car with the little man is very nice.
    3) I would add a fast RESPWAN key which allows you to get back on track quickly without having to waste too much time.
    4) Finally, as icing on the cake, I would add some emojis that the player can Above his machine without having to open the chat. ( funny face, sad face and more )A


    1. Thanks for your suggestions. Regarding the input sensitivity, you were only talking about the tilt or the tilt + the steering wheel? Sensitivity option for the tilt will be available in the next update. Physics will also slightly change, there will be a test-track to determine which physics setup is the best.


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