A war of crazy little guys

Hi everyone!

I started the new multiplayer project. I’ll spend a lot of time on it, surely several months. I’ll keep madcar in my todo list but as you can think, it’ll be less active than before. This game is one of the two games in which I trust the most. I’ll try to keep you informed as often as I can. A beta version will be available if everything went well. I hope you’ll still be there!


26 thoughts on “A war of crazy little guys”

    1. Thank you for your encouragements 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t think that the first beta version will be available before one month. If you keep madcar on your phone you’ll be warned by a push notification


  1. Alexandre… good luck with your new game. I will try it as soon as it is available. If it is anything like madcar it should be a big success. Hope you include a museum too. Love how fun madcar is. Keep up the hard work.


    1. Hi bravechicken! Trust me, the spirit of madcar will always be in my games. Beyond the basical gameplay, the thing in which I particulary trust is the community side of a game. In madcar, that’s characterized by the little guys. I’ll use them again in many games, such as the game I started. In madcar, the little guys side is not thorough at all. I’ll try to improve it in the next game. I really want to let the human’s feelings, stupidity, randomness and intelligence speak out through these little guys.


  2. All the best in the new game. Although, I wished that you could update Madcar by adding new vehicles and opening the Shop and Team section


  3. Just recently started playing Madcar, you seem like a dev that cares about the players so thanks! All the best to future projects and i hope you can complete the shop and teams for Madcar when the timenis available. 🙂

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  4. Hey Alexandre I found a bug. When im entry the game its` says: Login account (oldway) or google play. I choose the oldway and I forgot my password. I go to recovery and says type you email. When I press the white boxy keyboard doesnt show. I tried on another phone and it has the same problem. Please fix it so I can play….


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