11 thoughts on “Madcar Multiplayer V1.052 has been released”

  1. Have you already started testing of teams? I had a bug when I stand to main menu. A saw text “Blue team. Alex” under the textures. Does it means anything?


    1. I also saw it but I didn’t started at all the teams. In fact at the beginning of the development of madcar (before the launch) the arena mode was only playable by team and when La Petita is not owned by a player (for the server) the default text for the car owner’s text is “Alex “and “Blue” for it’s team name. In fact the thing that you saw through the texture was a car falling


  2. No-no-no. “Boosting” in my opinion means the Amin 78’s (Conspiration is his nickname) fast developing in the game and getting very high scores (near 50 today). I can’t imagine how long and hard should we play to get so much scores. It’s about karawer 300 too. Don’t brake my mind, guys(


  3. You misspelled “lose” in the register screen. You put there “loose”. By the way, cool update! Even tho you destroyed the “Same name bug” that caused every player named like another one to win if that other one won. (e.g. if 6 players were named Player at the end of the match everyone would win 125xp and 3 gold)


  4. I’m kind of confused…. How do I get different cars? I go into garage and it says that it’s not available now… Can anyone provide an explanation?


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