Madcar Multiplayer has been released

The game has been released yesterday after 1 day of beta testing. There are still some bugs but it’s really playable. There are between 15 and 25 players at the same time so don’t hesitate to join them. I often play to it and my id (most of the time) is alexr1221. I hope you’ll like it!


11 thoughts on “Madcar Multiplayer has been released”

  1. The game is really exciting! The best time for playing is 21:00-24:00 (9 pm-11 pm Moskow time) because of high online. Recommend to all to test this game…


      1. Ok I love this game, I can play with my family online. For now I have around 150 gold but I can’t use it.


  2. thanks for the game! Brazil thanks! I’m waiting for other game modes! However, I have some locking problems at the beginning of the games! I also found a bug, a match had no start, no countdown and other cars were entering the match one over the other!


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