Madcar v1.03 has been released!

In this version I added a soccer mode but I also removed the two parkours which were boring. I’ll maybe create other parkours in the future. I also ameliorated the maniability. I hope you’ll like it!

4 thoughts on “Madcar v1.03 has been released!”

  1. Will u add bots to the game it becomes boring challenging my self to be even more retard than the last game (lol) by game I mean round and sessions of course and if u will add them plus don’t make them like recruit difficulty bots in call of duty. Make them SMART…kinda at least…ooh and add sound! Note:on my mobile phone no fields are marked just simple drawing no star no nothing..


    1. I’m actually creating a multiplayer version of madcar. I decided to remove the sound because it takes a lot of memory (2-3mb) and almost everybody doesn’t think to active the sound for this type of games. I’ll make more games for 1 player. AI is not esay to handle but one day I’ll work on it. I think that I’ll create games which don’t need AI before. P.S. I didn’t understand the last sentence


  2. Hello!
    I’m from Russia and I’m mad about madcar! This game is so fantastic! I suppose the multiplayer will be perfect soon. I think, in madcar multiplayer when players are sitting at a waiting lobby (at time you control a minifigure of driver) they should agree on alliance doing something like standing face to face and many other…
    Your acces is really good! Best wishes from Russia


    1. Thank you very much for your feedback! Actually I try to fix the last problems and then I’ll add more content. As you said I’ll create modes which will be playable by teams. I really have a preference for team matchmaking


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