Soccar: 2 – 4 players (Android / iOS)


Soccar: 2 – 4 players is the first game I made. I started this project without any knowledge in programation. I started the 27th february 2016 and I finally published it the 20th april 2016 while I was studying at school. This game is the result of true efforts.

The idea of soccar came to me while I was on the road of holidays. A few weeks before, I discovered an amazing game: Action for 2-4 players. With this game, we were able to play with our friends on the same device. We often played after the canteen. There was always a crazy ambiance. In fact, it wasn’t the game which was really awesome but the ambiance around it. It was often bringing a lot of people around us and everyone was laughing on jokes/ rages of different people. Having played this game is the main event that made me think to Soccar.

Another origin of the idea was the ease of the work. I wanted to make the simpliest game to do because I knew that it was very hard to create a game without knowledge.

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